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MABE Student Supervision

I am willing to supervise students, principally those who have taken EC639, who are interested in the areas of international trade, labour economics, or economic history. I also have broader interests in empirical microeconomics. Interested students should email me to set up a meeting to discuss whether we would be a good match.

Unfortunately I will be unable to supervise students for the 2023-2024 academic year, as I will be on sabbatical.

Reference Letters

I am happy to write reference letters for students who have taken one or more of my courses. As a rule of thumb, however, if we did not have any interactions beyond your attending lectures and handing in assignments or exams, then your letter will not be very personalized beyond what I can observe from your transcript and course grades. This does not mean that you won't get into grad school or that I would write you a bad letter; as a student, I rarely went to office hours and didn't get to know my profs very well and I did just fine! It does mean, however, that if we did not interact very much, that the things I can say about you will be more limited.

The letters I write always provide an honest assessment of your potential to do well in whatever program you have applied for, and this assessment will depend in part on how well you've done in my course(s); this sometimes means that you may be better off asking another instructor who has seen you do well in their course. In addition, at least for economics graduate programs, it is often better to ask instructors who have taught you in rigorous, challenging core courses like micro or econometrics.


Nonetheless, if you believe I am your best choice for writing a reference letter for graduate school, I am happy to do so if I am able. When emailing me about letters, it would be helpful to include an unofficial transcript (from LORIS) as well as a resume if you have one. Please feel free to get in touch!

Courses Taught

EC239 - International Trade (Winter 17, Winter 18, Winter 19, Winter 20, Winter 21, Winter 22, Winter 23)

EC285 - Introductory Statistics (Winter 17, Winter 18, Winter 19)

EC439/EC639 - International Trade - MA (Winter 23)

EC410C/EC639 - International Trade - MA (Winter 20, Winter 21, Winter 22)

Jeff Chan

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