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The long-run effects of childhood exposure to market access shocks: Evidence from the US railroad network expansion (2023)Explorations in Economic History.

Working paper version here.

Replication files here.

Oil Royalties and the Provision of Public Education in Brazil (2023), Economics of Education Review, Vol. 92: 102351.

(Joint with Ridwan Karim)

Working paper version here.

Online appendix here.

Farming Output, Concentration, and Market Access: Evidence from the Nineteenth Century American Railroad Expansion (2022), Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 157: 102878.

Working paper version here.

Replication files here.

Viewing the COVID-19 Pandemic from Space: The Effect of COVID-related Mobility Declines on Night Light Brightness in Canada (2022), Canadian Journal of Regional Science, Vol. 45(3): 188-198.

Working paper version here.

The Geography of Social Distancing in Canada: Evidence from Facebook (2020), Canadian Public Policy, Vol. 46(S1): S19-S28.

Companion paper using Google data at the provincial level can be found here.

A non-technical explanation of mobility data with a summary of the work done in this publication can be found here. This non-technical document was written for a multidisciplinary conference on data and privacy during COVID-19.

The Effect of Immigration on Local Public Finances (2019), Economics Bulletin, Vol. 39(4): 2423-2428.

Tariffs and the Composition of Employment: Evidence from the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (2019), Canadian Public Policy, Vol. 45(3): 342-365.

Working paper version here.

Labour Market Characteristics and Surviving Import Shocks (2019)The World Economy, Vol. 42(5): 1288-1315. 

Working paper version here.

The Effect of College Education on Intolerance: Evidence from Google Search Data (2019), Applied Economics Letters, Vol. 26(2): 83-86.

Market Access and Occupational Upgrading: Evidence from the 19th Century American Transportation Network  (2018), Applied Economics, Vol. 50(45): 4879-4900.

Does Import Competition Worsen the Gender Gap? Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Data (2018), Economics Letters, Vol. 165(C): 13-16.


The long-run impact of the power loom: evidence from 19th century Prussia (2014), Economics Bulletin, Vol. 34(3): 1776-1791.

Jeff Chan

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