Current Research

The Long-Run Effects of Childhood Exposure to Market Access Shocks: Evidence from the U.S. Railroad Network Expansion

- Revise and Resubmit, Explorations in Economic History

Oil Royalties and the Provision of Public Education in Brazil (with Ridwan Karim)

- Revised and Resubmitted, Economics of Education Review


Farming Output, Concentration, and Market Access: Evidence from the Nineteenth Century American Railroad Expansion (2022), Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 157: 102878.

Working paper version here.

Replication files here.

Viewing the COVID-19 Pandemic from Space: The Effect of COVID-related Mobility Declines on Night Light Brightness in Canada (2022), Canadian Journal of Regional Science, accepted.

Working paper version here.

The Geography of Social Distancing in Canada: Evidence from Facebook (2020), Canadian Public Policy, Vol. 46(S1): S19-S28.

Companion paper using Google data at the provincial level can be found here.

A non-technical explanation of mobility data with a summary of the work done in this publication can be found here. This non-technical document was written for a multidisciplinary conference on data and privacy during COVID-19.

The Effect of Immigration on Local Public Finances (2019), Economics Bulletin, Vol. 39(4): 2423-2428.

Tariffs and the Composition of Employment: Evidence from the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (2019), Canadian Public Policy, Vol. 45(3): 342-365.

Working paper version here.

Labour Market Characteristics and Surviving Import Shocks (2019)The World Economy, Vol. 42(5): 1288-1315. 

Working paper version here.

The Effect of College Education on Intolerance: Evidence from Google Search Data (2019), Applied Economics Letters, Vol. 26(2): 83-86.

Market Access and Occupational Upgrading: Evidence from the 19th Century American Transportation Network  (2018), Applied Economics, Vol. 50(45): 4879-4900.

Does Import Competition Worsen the Gender Gap? Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Data (2018), Economics Letters, Vol. 165(C): 13-16.


The long-run impact of the power loom: evidence from 19th century Prussia (2014), Economics Bulletin, Vol. 34(3): 1776-1791.

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